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Sephora Play! March Edition: The Gleam Team


Not gonna lie, my favorite beauty look right now is to literally glisten, I want to look like a glazed donut or Ice Queen pretty much every day of the week. It's basically spring and I'm over the perfectly done matte finish so this month's theme really brought me joy and didn't disappoint.

I was definitely expecting highlighters galore, and while that wasn't the case exactly, they were all really usable, exciting products.


Let's start with one of my faves in general right now, Glamglow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer:
I've been using a sample of this for a bit so was stoked to get a larger size (helps me put off buying the full-size for now), as not only does this smell amazing but doesn't break out my sensitive skin, looks dewy instead of oily, has just the right amount of shimmer to get that lit-from-within glow, and doubles as a primer. I feel like this is a really light moisturizer too, which is perfect for touch ups and adding just the right amount of moisture for a smooth canvas under makeup. The little pamphlet recommends massaging into skin for a minute, but you can just dab on as well. You could compare its use to the Becca Backlit Primer, but I find this much more effective and looks more polished. 'Nude Glow' is pretty much unicorn worthy, but I also tried the lighter 'Pearl' shade and honestly can't pick between them. I feel like Pearl is more dewy, and works better under foundation for me personally, while Nude Glow is easier to wear alone, but it's really anyone's preference, they're both rad, and I'm sure the darker option is perf too. Honestly Glamglow is straight killing the face game (more in-depth post soon to come). Total win, I highly recommend.


Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Golden Pink:
This reminds me of the Laura Mercier stick from a few boxes ago, but I seriously Love this one like sooooooo much more. The formula is creamier, more opaque, and simply glides on. Plus the shimmer in it catches every ounce of ambient light to have that gorgeous glistening effect. This is an amazing inner corner highlight, but I slathered the thing around my whole eye and loved it! The way it caught the light under my eyes was amazing. I would compare this color and look to being very similar to UD's Sin ESPP, and this works well as an eyeshadow base too, but I love the ease of use with this. Plus with this formula, it's nice and smooth so there's no fallout despite being shimmery.


Josie Maran Surreal Skin Argan Finishing Balm:
Touted as being a 'game changer' as both primer and finisher, this is definitely a unique product to me. I know looking at it it doesn't look like much, but Just Put It On. Using it, my skin had just the right amount of highlight without being sparkly, it's sophisticated, and it has the nicest iridescence to it. I tried this as both primer and finisher, and I have to say I prefer it as the last step. I swear it made my skin look #flawless. Again, total win, this doesn't feel oily, look overly done, and gives your skin such a healthy look I couldn't believe it. it's really one of those things you just have to try to see for yourself, but pressing this into my cheekbones I can attest that it doesn't settle into pores one bit, and is totally worth the price for realsies.


Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up! Cream to Powder Highlighter:
This is probably the highlighter stick that started them all–I don't even know when this product originally launched, but seriously it's been around forever and like most Benefit products, really holds up. It's a great subtle product that is super easy to use, flatters all skin tones, and won't give you an over the top highlight. Great for daytime, work, or an easy summer day, just enhancing your natural good looks and providing a radiant finish. Of the stick highlighters, this may be one of the best.


Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast:
Pretty sure I'm the only person who just hasn't gotten on board with Living Proof products, but this one definitely won me over. It's not a dry shampoo, so it's definitely not a thicker product, it's super light and airy, and really attached to the hair instead of the root to get a smooth, amazing-smelling lift with virtually no added texture. I feel like this is even great to use daily, as it really doesn't add much and definitely doesn't make your hair greasy over time. Plus there's no powder so it doesn't build up. Definitely worth a try.


Chloé Fleur de Parfum:
welp, never thought I would enjoy a floral perfume, but holy shiz, this one is practically magical. It's so light a feminine, yet not overly powerful, and the citrus tones in it really give it a crispness that's really refreshing. I never expect to like the fragrance samples in the boxes, and am always surprised when I actually do, this one is really worth checking out, and I think I might just wind up adding it to the collection.

what in the even... basically a perfect box!

Ive got on basically everything listed from my box, plus a few other things that came in other boxes, i.e. UD's Vice Lipstick in Big Bang, Algenist's Drops in Rosé and Pearl, and the Pearl Glamglow moisturizer

Ive got on basically everything listed from my box, plus a few other things that came in other boxes, i.e. UD's Vice Lipstick in Big Bang, Algenist's Drops in Rosé and Pearl, and the Pearl Glamglow moisturizer

I'm so surprised! Seriously though, this box was so fun, and I'd only tried one product before so it was super refreshing to be so full of new products for me. I love highlighter products so much, attending the Play! Date again was awesome as I got to try a variety of other box products I didn't personally receive and get some nifty samples to try at home, which is super helpful.

I still feel that of the subscription makeup boxes this is the top, especially since everything is easily accessible at your local Sephora or on their website with little searching. Plus Sephora is known for carrying the best of the best, so you know you're getting solid products. I still heavily recommend it, and I feel like they're getting their ish more and more together. Get on it!