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Sephora Play!: February

I know I'm a little late with this one, but the Play! Date was the last day of the month and I typically like to hold out until after that to post, but ah well, here we are!


February's theme of 'The Soft Side' features this satin dusty rose bag filled with less bold products, focusing on more subtlety. With skin perfecting moisturizer and under eye brightener for the skincare, two sheer lip products, a sweet and feminine perfume, and mascara, you can really see how the theme was applied this month. 


I've mentioned before how sick I am of moisturizers, but this one isn't bad. It works much like a primer (just like basically every other moisturizer I've tried in the last few months), filling in pores and blurring lines, but has the added benefit of being a light moisturizer that you can even use over makeup during the day, reminding me of the Dr. Jart Water Drop. It definitely has a tacky finish, and you press into skin instead of normal application, so it's not your usual moisturizer. I can definitely see why makeup would stick to this with the level of tacky, and for people with combination skin, I think this would especially be a great option as makeup prep. I personally prefer a more dry, moisturized finish, so this tackiness is not really my cup of tea, but it is an interesting product. And of the moisturizer/primer options, I think this is one of the better ones. 

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream


I've actually used this before, awhile ago when I was making an attempt to only use plant-based products, so while I always prefer trying new things, this is one of those top rated products I don't mind giving another chance. It actually really works, and surprisingly quickly; for example, I was hungover/feeling the effects of some bad fish, and I looked like an absolute train wreck complete with dark circles, lines, and all sorts of exhaustion written on my face, and with just a few dabs of this I looked like a totally normal person. It not only has caffeine and ginseng, but peachy illuminating tones that can eliminate the need for an under eye concealer or brightener. I definitely recommend trying it, especially if you have sensitive eyes, and you can usually get this tiny tester size from Origins locations, Macy's stores, or even a small made sample from Sephora (they're great about that, can't tell you how many products I've bought after sampling at Sephora). Ultimately, it's a cult product for a reason, and while it may not have anti-aging properties, that's what nighttime eye cream is for.

Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy


Disclaimer: Not for the faint of heart. This product is seriously hard core in the burning department, and can really overwhelm easily (especially since that burning escalates and takes a good chunk of time to die down). The shade in this month's box, Milkshake, is too sheer and glossy for me to just wear alone, however this lip plumper works differently than your average gloss. Apparently you're supposed to see real softening results over 30 days of consistent application (which is a huge commitment for me when I'm trying to wear a different shade every day) of much softer, more supple lips, so I've been trying to put it on first thing in the morning to get the softening benefits before applying lipstick later on. While this isn't something I can just wear out, I have noticed that it really stays on throughout the day, its thick coat being noticeable, and much different than a normal gloss. Unlike other lip plumpers I've used (i.e. Glamglow) this one stung more than just gave a tingly sensation, and gave my lips a very rosy look to the point even the rims around them looked red, which wasn't a very cute look for me. But that eventually went away after some time, again showing how I can pretty much only use this first thing in the morning. My only real complaint here is the subtle chemical scent, which reminds me of the way vapes smell, and is ever present though I only get whiffs of it here and there. So I'm still on the fence about this product, but it was one of those things people rave about so for sure nice to try.

Nars Velvet Lip Glide


This is a really interesting one, again not really my cup of tea for sheer reasons, and this is a liquid lipstick that doesn't dry. But the color is quite nice, and I found this went over matte lipstick to form a nice satin finish with a hair of color change, which can definitely be a fun take. It does feel quite smooth and isn't sticky in the least, but definitely lacks the colorstay quality I look for in a liquid lipstick. The pigmentation is great, it has a super soft finish, and the color is flattering plus the component is so cool looking, so this really isn't a bad product, just not something I'll buy in the future. Great to be able to try though.

Sephora LashCraft Length & Volume Mascara:


I am always a fan of trying Sephora's own line as they typically put out a totally solid product, and this is no exception. This one really reminded me of Blinc mascara, in that it feels extremely lightweight and removes easily with warm water, but the brush on this really takes the cake. Instead of the traditional cylindrical shape, this is more of a flat, squared off wand which allows you to flatten the lashes upward for that lift, then comb them out with the edges. It wasn't super easy for me to get every lash, but my picky eyes were able to handle this formula without lashes falling out or getting irritated as the day went on. This also has minimal smudging, and doesn't actually remove as easily with eye makeup remover as it does with water, which I found fairly interesting. It reminds me of another mascara I've tried that I can't quite put my finger on, but I would say for cost efficiency, this probably wins against it,

Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence Fragrance:


So I know I'm crazy picky with fragrances and don't like to stray from my faves, but this one reeeeeally didn't do it for me. It was overly strong, too sweet, and overall very heavy. It was on its way to giving me a killer headache in no time at all. So while I'm usually pretty prepared to invest some time into anything Adriana Lima is peddling (seriously my fave VS Angel), this was so many levels of not for me–which may actually be a good thing considering I've already found 2 scents form these boxes I can't go without...

Overall this wasn't a bad box. I already used the GinZing eye cream, so I may rebuy that, but just because I may not purchase full sizes of the Play! Box products doesn't mean the box was a loss. I feel like everything except the cream was new for me, and that's really what I'm aiming for with these. On a side note, after attending the Play Date at my local Sephora, I was super jealous of the box that got a Bite Multistick, as now I'm in love with that, and I smelled the Tom Ford fragrance Neroli Portofina Aqua, which literally transported me back to memories of going to water parks and rivers as a kid, being doused in sunscreen and smelling the water. It is a truly interesting scent and every time I let it away from my nose I found myself going back for more, so I maaaaay wind up getting this as a nice summer fragrance. Definitely worth checking out.