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Play! by Sephora: JANUARY

OMG first post of the year! (and I only waited til the last day of the month...)

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (overtop Lime Crime Prairie Velvetine on the left, alone on right), Youth to the People moisturizer, after washing with the Taste Frixxxion stick 

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (overtop Lime Crime Prairie Velvetine on the left, alone on right), Youth to the People moisturizer, after washing with the Taste Frixxxion stick 

I'll admit I've basically been a bum the past month and have riding that struggle bus trying to get through the holidays, then recoop after getting the creeping crud that's been going around, but I'm trying to get back on that blog train. 


So it's officially time to dive back in with the monthly Sephora box, this month's theme "Beauty, Set, Go."


I feel ike they're stepping up the game with their bags, this one is so cute and goes with their whole gym vibe perfectly, complete with their whole 'Sweat is Just Another Way to Glow' saying and mesh backside, but I wouldn't say these products necessarily scream 'gym' or 'workout' to me, though I can see how they went with the theme once they're all explained(ish).

But anyhow, let's start with Youth to the People Kale + Spinach + Hyaluronic Acid Age Prevention Cream ($48):

clearly need to get my nails done...

clearly need to get my nails done...

Apart from this being the actual longest name in the world...... I have been really digging products with this particular acid in them, and it's always nice to lean toward vegan products like this. I recently found out that if you have food intolerances or other allergies to nature, it only makes sense that you'll have sensitivities to skin/makeup products with those ingredients (a real *palm face* moment for that not occurring to me before), so it's always good for me to try to find things that are vegan or don't have ingredients I'll have a problem with. I also really appreciate products designed for neck and chest, as now that I'm like all the way in my mid-20's, I've realized my face isn't the only thing i don't want to age super quick. I really loved this product, if only cuz the smell is so fresh and light, and I love the texture. I don't actually feel like it worked super well, but I'm hoping continued use gives some change, cuz it's just so soft and smells so amazing. 
1/1 cuz even if it doesn't work super well. I still love it.  

Tarte Frixxxtion Stick ($22):


I am really finicky about trying new cleansers and what works/what doesn't for my sensitive skin, but I do enjoy Tarte as a brand and am always game for something new. This format is definitely new to me, I've never tried a cleanser stick before (and the gym connection makes a little sense here–on the go and cleansing after a workout). I like the format a lot, rubbing directly onto dry skin, then frothing it with warm water, but I do feel that the exfoliation aspect of it was too harsh for my sensitive skin, and I was seriously red after. I definitely prefer much gentler exfoliators where it doesn't physically slough off your skin. But regardless, this was super easy to use and I'd be down to try more if they weren't also exfoliating. 
2/2, just cuz it didn't work for me doesn't make it not innovative and cool. 

Amore Pacific Color Control Cushion Compact ($60):


I've gotten more into CC Creams with It! Cosmetics blowing me away, but I have been burned on Korean beauty brands before so was a touch hesitant to try (also as these are definitely not my shades). I'm always game for makeup with sunscreen too, so despite hesitiation, was down to try this, and I learned that there are two kinds of sunscreen-physical and chemical- and this is the physical kind. Physical uses actual particles to block the sun from hitting your face, and chemical uses chemicals to kind of destroy the suns rays as they travel through the product. Anyhow, I wish I loved this, as the coverage was buildable, smooth, and so natural, it just was definitely the wrong color for me and I hated the smell. It definitely lasts all day, and I'm just finicky with scents, so it's not that this is a bad product, it just wasn't for me. 
3/3 again, cool useful product, just didn't work for my skin tone.

Ouai Treatment Masque ($32):


My experiences with this brand have so far been lackluster, just nothing special for me. I'm not sure if it has to do with my hair texture or the massive amounts of damage it's taken, but I haven't been super impressed. That being said, this masque wasn't bad, the only negative is I had to use the entire sample for one use (and probably could have used more–my hair seemed to eat it all up and barely feel like anything was in it). I followed the instructions on the insert and put this on before a workout to let the heat help the process, and after washing it out I used the Ouai salt spray to give my curl some gentle texture, so after trying that I would say this brand tends to work better with other products from the same line. I had never really liked the spray, but it worked better with this treatment, and this treatment was fine, but I feel like I have others that work better. 

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey ($17):


I wanted to like this, as Clinique is a solid brand and usually cult classic products are such for a reason, but this just isn't for me. It's too much like a gloss and not enough like a balm, plus the pigmentation is so slight it just didn't do me any favors. As far as this type of blooming color type product, I much prefer Dior Addict Lip Glow, as that is the soothing texture of a balm, matte, and still gives off a great color that's always flattering.

Tory Burch Love Relentlessly:


This is another fragrance that just wasn't for me, although it is a nice scent. Much too floral, tooooo feminine, and a bit too strong for my preference. But hey, perfumes are personal and I have already found several I love through these boxes so no big.

So liking half isn't so bad, and first box of the year probably has a little more pressure on it to be exciting, but I really liked the gym theme and not one of these products had I tried before, so another overall win. Also, the Play! Dates Sephora has been doing are really helpful for learning new things, plus my location always gives us samples of products from other boxes we'd want to try, which is especially great since so many things I prefer what other people got. So definitely still looking forward to what this year has to offer.