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Dose of Colors Palette Face-Off

Omg. Such shiny. Much pretty 😻😻😻

Ive been working on doing more palette reviews, and this whole switching blog sites really threw me off, but definitely still a work in progress!

Anyhow, I'd been wanting to try Dose of Color for a while, but it's been hard to get past that $25 a pop individual eyeshadow price. So when they announced their first palette I absolutely jumped at the chance! Now I know the Hidden Treasure palette came out awhile ago, but I never really got to posting about it, and now that the EyesCream came out as well, it's time to get my act together, and compare/contrast.

Outside sleeve v. Actual palette

Outside sleeve v. Actual palette

So let's start with Hidden Treasure since it's their first work of art. 

So much fallout

So much fallout

This thing is really beautiful, the shades are really usable, HOWEVER, tons of fallout, but this can be avoided a bit by using a damp brush. Prepare yourself though, it's worth it. This means though, as you apply, it's going to get all over your face, so maybe hold off on face makeup tip after, or use some handy-dandy guards.

Hidden Treasures palette with  Melt Cosmetics lipstick in 6six6

Hidden Treasures palette with Melt Cosmetics lipstick in 6six6

While I would of course Love some more vibrant colors, the palette still has a really nice spectrum that works with a variety of looks and skin tones. Not too rosy, not too golden, some coppers, so niiiiice. Great for people like myself who are just makeup aficionados, not makeup artists who don't actually know how to do real things. 

Now the EyesCream palette definitely delivers on some color. These incredibly soft shades have a lot of versatility as well, with a mix of mattes and shimmers, with some really fun pops. It totally feels like an ice cream parlour on your face, and using these pastels instead of bright colors gives it a really gentle look. 


There's significantly less fallout in the EyesCream than the Hidden Treasure, with the sparkly shades being more shimmer than all out pressed metal, and they pack on the eyelid nice and opaque, yet blend really smooth. I feel like you can go a lot lighter with this than the Hidden Treasure as well, along with easier blending. 

Ultimately I'm definitely on the Dose of Colors team, and while there are certainly palettes I enjoy more, I feel like both of these are a unique take, and I have absolutely nothing else like them in my broad range of palettes and eyeshadow shades, so they're definitely worth a second look, however it seems like they're making all of their palettes limited edition, so when you want one you have to jump on it. Hidden Treasure is gone from their website (but you can find it on ebay and the like), but EyesCream is still available, at least for now.